Equipment Rental

ABIMS have a range of winches, vehicles and tools that are available for rental.

ABIMS have portable and skid mounted winches with 3/16 single core wireline suitable for a range of wireline activities.

Survey Tools
ABIMS rent out the following tools with associated spares and accessories on dry hire arrangement and offer training to ensure clients are achieving high quality data.

  • Acoustic televiewer
  • Optical Televiewer
  • Spinner Flowmeter
  • Heat pulse flowmeter

Specialised Vehicle Hire

ABIMS have a 6-wheel tracked ARGO vehicle that comes with winch mounted on its own trailer. The ARGO is available for rental with and without the logging trailer and has its own transport trailer for ease of pickup and delivery.

ABIMS partner company BMGS also has specialised equipment for hire see: