Underground Surveying

ABIM Solutions have an automatic underground surveying unit (AUSU) for the collection of borehole information in the underground mining environment.

The AUSU is controlled by a single operator and is capable of surveying boreholes in the UG environment in any orientation. The current parameters of the AUSU are:

Surveying parameters:

  • Backs height capacity: 7m Minimum
  • Hole diameter: 60mm
  • Max Hole length: 100m
  • Hole inclination: -90 to 90 degrees
  • Survey options:
    • Gyro
    • Optical televiewer (Acoustic if holes are water filled)
    • Video camera

Surveying rates:
average 600-700m per shift (Gyro) with full 10 hrs access to UG work area

Safety Features
Operator controls crane and survey head from one point at side of vehicle.

No requirement to work directly below hole collar or unsupported ground.

Always working from floor and never at heights.

No manual labour involved.

Survey parameters are recorded live as survey is completed.